Ski trip!

Colorado Bound

My husband just booked our first family trip to Colorado and I’m pumped! I hate sweating, seriously hate sweating, and it’s sweltering hot here in Ohio so I’m looking forward to winter coats and snow boots. The home featured in this post will not be our residence on our vacation. I came across this home on out of curiosity of the housing market around Breckenridge.

Leadville, Colorado home for sale

Do you ever daydream about the perfect vacation home or retirement home? I do! This cute, 840 square foot home in Leadville, Colorado, would be the perfect retirement place for my husband and I. There’s an extra bedroom and bathroom, great views of the mountains, and Nick can ski while I work on my sewing hobby. The storage area under the house is a bonus! Seriously. Have you ever heard anyone say they have to much storage space? This place is awesome, and wouldn’t take much time to clean.

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  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • Covered deck
  • 840 square feet
  • 3000 square foot lot
  • Huge storage space under home
  • Energy efficient home

Click here to check out this cute little house while its still on the market.

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Discalimer: I am not the owner of this property. This home is featured in this blog for entertainment only. If you are interested in purchasing this home or want more information please click here to contact the broker.

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One of the reasons I fell in love with my husband was his passion for traveling. As a stay at home mother and stepmother, I look forward to vacations just as much as the working man. Traveling can be exhausting so I've dedicated this blog to share my own experiences and make your next trip as relaxing as possible.

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