Ft Myers, Florida

Photo credit to Realtor.com

South for the Winter

Back to school, shorter days, and chirping locusts are all signs summer is coming to an end. Winter is coming and for some people that means moving south for a few months. Ft. Myers, Florida, is a popular spot for the folks in my hometown seeking refuge from snow and ice storms. Honestly, I’m not a fan of sweating and sunburns, but for this view I might consider investing in some Secret and Coppertone.

Photo credit to Realtor.com


  • 4 bedroom
  • 3 bathroom
  • 3044 square feet
  • Waterfront property
  • Dock has 3 boat lifts
  • Private pool

Here are a few of my favorite photos of this coastal beauty. Click here for the complete listing on Realtor.com.

Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com
Photo credit to Realtor.com

Hotel and Eatery’s

My family and I visited Florida in February, 2019. My aunt and mother rented a beautiful home in Cape Coral. We arrived a few days before they did so we booked a room at the Sandpiper Gulf Resort in Ft Myers. Our room had 2 beds, a kitchenette with table, and a small sitting area. The activity area, pools, and beach were right outside our room. The staff was very accommodating.

Parking in Ft. Myers is a little sparse and pricey so we spent most of our time at the Sandpiper. We drove to breakfast at The Salty Crab and enjoyed dinner at Charley’s Boathouse Grill. Both were amazing! Publix grocery store was down the road but it was always really busy.

The home my aunt and mother rented in Cape Coral was right off the channel and had a pool so we spent most of our time in the pool and kayaking in the channel. We enjoyed dinner at Ford’s Garage and Overtime Pizzeria and Sports Bar. Both had great food but I suggest avoiding the dinner rush and enjoying the lunch menus if you have small children.

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not the owner of this property and do not profit from the marketing or sale of it. Go to Realtor.com to contact the realtor, or for more information.

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