Penthouse Loft in Chicago, IL

Living room
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.


  • 1604 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Private rooftop access
  • Foosball table
  • Indoor parking is available for a fee

Click here for more information about this property or to contact the owner/manager. You can also call HomeAway at 1-888-829-7076 about property #7133926.

Kitchen/dining area
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Foosball table
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Master bedroom
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Second bedroom
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Third bedroom
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
1 of 2 bathrooms
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Private rooftop access.
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.
Rooftop view
Photo courtesy of Vrbo.

If you would like more information on this property click here, or call HomeAway at at 1-888-829-7076 about property #7133926.

Disclaimer: I am not the owner or manager of this property. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Click the link above for more information.

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